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For starters...

firefox Before viewing this site we want to be clear, Colorise and in turn this website does not exist to be pro/anti anything EXCEPT for PRO-UNITY. It is to promote relations between all people, of all races, orientations and classes as we all want the same things in life in general and all want a peaceful life to enjoy and flourish.... not a life to endure. It is not for the elevation of one man over the next or to promote one over another. The time has come to break the bonds of previous generations and learn to live as one people as we all share the same planet. All colors make up the beauty of a rainbow, not just one color...they all work as one to make a better object. As the human race is the ONLY race.

Food for thought:

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

- Buddha

This Project [as any other terms didn't quite fit the epic undertaking of what we are hoping to achieve] is focused on:

  • Enriching our communities and community relations through multi-racial events.
  • Providing financial assistance to families who are below a specified income level.
  • Supporting projects which enhance our communities.
  • Providing mentorship and education on a broad spectrum of topics.
  • Push for legislation for equality for people of all races, genders and classes.
  • Pursue changes to known broken systems to advance real change to those effected
  • Uniting people under a common goal which is equality, fairness & integrity for all.

 Ideas & Events

A Look At One's Self

firefox There has to be a consistent and constant commitment to a change in order for it to become reality. The division lines, segregation, exclusions and finger pointing is counter productive to positive progress. Instead of highlighting how it is broken...we are working towards how it can be fixed peacefully and fairly. Acknowledgement isn't a solution and a solution isn't acknowledgement. Thats why they are 2 different words... so incessantly pointing out a problem doesnt solve the issue. Looking at ones own actions and beliefs is a good start, and what YOU are doing to help the problem. Showing that a disease is present does not make it stop infecting the body... treating it completely does. One must make peace with the inner prior to making peace in the outer. When another man regardless of his color or demographic is viewed no different from yourself...then you are at peace. Anything you want from others you should be willing to provide yourself and constantly show yourself.

The Truth.... We're Not Ready For The Truth

Life on other planets has been a popular topic, but think on something... if we are slowly ruining this planet and slaughtering each other [and made so many animals extinct or endangered as well], why would they make their presence known to us for a fact? So we can find their home planet and destroy that too? Or so we can master their technology to better kill one another or even enslave those beings with their own technology? These could possibly be heavily enhanced beings who probably don't kill and squabble over one's beliefs or color, why would they wanna be bothered with us?

 Outside The Box

Colorise is a is a place that is designed to promote unity among all people. This forum is open mic, which means that you are free to express an opinion, just it must be respectfully done. Ideas and thoughts can be expressed without profanity or personal insults. Failure to follow this will result in the person posting to be banned. Respect is all that is asked.

Why does it seem that when a natural disaster happens somewhere in the world is that the only time people wanna' help [in all ways]? People live in poverty and people are killing other people and all we can do is draw dividing lines, create reasons for exclusion/segregation and point fingers. The people receiving the help don't card what color or belief the help comes from...they are happy to receive it. It is one person to another.... the help wasn't divided by whos belief if what and whos race is what. It is universal. No matter what race. gender or belief one may be... right and wrong are universal.